Areas of expertise.

Photo of Raymond DempseyRaymond: Balancing energy and empathy, has over 25 years experience attending to the needs of others to provide therapy in Glasgow. Therapist, Supervisor, Trainer and Corporate Consultant - Using the effectiveness of relationship: He has vast experience in individual, relationship and group interventions that effect growth.



Photo of Mairi McMenaminMairi: Person Centred Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer. Over 30 years experience in the Health Sector, offering person centred services to clients, teams and training and group work delivery. Passionate about seeing people develop to their full potential.




Photo of Audrey CuthelAudrey:  Highly motivated and enthusiastic about facilitating change; Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer with more than 20 years experience of developing and delivering a wide range of training courses for Further and Higher Education and other organisations.

Theraps (ancient greek)

“the attendant, the one who listens, the one who cares for.”