Current programme.

From a client-centred framework, TherapsGLA is committed to design and present Learning & Development training events founded on enriching the already developed skills of individuals and teams from various professions.

Current Programme

Certificate in Continuing Professional Development in Counselling Supervision through Reflective Practice

In association with Strathclyde University, Centre for Lifelong Learning,, TherapsGLA is presenting an innovative training experience in counselling supervision through reflective practice. The main aim of the course is to provide participants, from varying therapeutic and professional backgrounds, with a stimulating and experiential learning environment within which they can develop the knowledge and skills to be able to offer counselling supervision in a range of settings. A full range of theories and modalities will be explored and participants will be encouraged to reflect on and enhance their current practice

The above course may be presented in-house with a uniquely tailored programme to match organisational requirements; contact Dr Raymond Dempsey for further details.

Coming soon:

TherapsGLA will shortly be uploading announcements of Continuing Professional Development events to support the needs of individuals and groups who require CPD hours for ongoing registration of their professional body.


Theraps (ancient greek)

“the attendant, the one who listens, the one who cares for.”