How we can help.

Individual therapy & relationship counselling in Glasgow

Honouring individual difference, in our therapy and counselling in Glasgow, we listen to heal and offer a safe and secure professional relationship of process and reflection that provides an opportunity for you, as the client, to be valued, accepted, and challenged for growth. Our conviction is that from this experience of being esteemed, we are all empowered to change.

Professional areas of experience

Work-related stress - depression - anxiety - relationship - conflict resolution - trauma - living & dying - long term conditions - bereavement - power abuse and bullying - domestic violence - sexual abuse - chemical addiction - sexuality - sexual addiction - religious vocation - executive coaching - spirituality.


Through the process of reflective practice, individually and in group, TherapsGLA offers expertise, from a number of therapeutic orientations and developmental modalities, in attending to and challenging the supervisee to gain a fuller and deeper understanding and appreciation of their relationship with their client.

With much experience in supervision, individually and in group, in various multi-professional settings, TherapsGLA evidences effective personal and professional development of participants committed to further their own development and enhance their professional achievements. Enhancing relational contact at psychological depth is a key proponent to the professional theoretic orientation of many human resource professionals, social workers, counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, practitioner-healthcare workers and allied healthcare professionals.


Theraps (ancient greek)

“the attendant, the one who listens, the one who cares for.”