Owna Solution
“Raymond is an exceptional team player who shows great empathy and is adept at reaching client's inner depths.
Ona Ramsay FIH MREHIS (Director)

Children's Hospice Association Scotland
“ I have had the privilege of working alongside Raymond in both adult and children's palliative care, since 2003. He has provided a unique level and depth of support to the organisations, their teams and individuals. Raymond is always collaborative and uses a co-production model in his work whether at organisation, team or individual level. The result of his involvement is always development for the organisation, team or individual. The impact is increased resilience, (competent and confident) personal and professional growth and therefore safe and effective care for the individual and family.
Maria McGill,
Chief Executive, Children’s Hospice Association Scotland

University of Surrey
“I have worked with Raymond since 2005. He is an exceptional and highly skilled professional coach, of individuals and teams, who works collaboratively with his client(s) to achieve self-reported goals that enrich both the professional and the realisation of their organisational strategic imperatives. He is highly efficient in his use of time and effective in his work and more importantly he provides people with the confidence to effect change in themselves and their organisations.
Nora Kearney,
Professor of Cancer Care and Head of School of Health Sciences

Sheridan Music
“I have worked in collaboration with Raymond for over three years. He is a highly skilled communicator; an equally creative soluntioniser; and, a professional with a unique positive attitude. Respectful of the individual and their needs, he promotes personal resilience and professional robustness of participants, stakeholders, and partners to effect desired transformation and change. In so doing, he empowers quality strategic leadership in agencies in the creative and cultural industries. He is also an excellent team player and an inspirational leader in challenging scenarios.
Mark Sheridan,
Director: Sheridan Music Consultancy
Reader in Music and Creativity, University of the Highlands and Islands

Nicholas J Scullion & Co Solicitors & Notaries
“We retain Raymond as our preferred professional witness for clients in need of psychological assessment because he is constantly updating his knowledge and skills and provides our team of solicitors the information they require in a friendly, professional and empowering manner. Our clients' feedback is always very positive.
NJ Scullion Jr

Theraps (ancient greek)

“the attendant, the one who listens, the one who cares for.”