Useful links.

Professional Organisations (British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy)
(British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy)
(British Association for the Person-centred Approach)
(British Psychological Society)
(Solution Focused Therapy)
(Coalition of Scottish Counselling Agencies) (network of counsellors UK-wide) (Person Centred Approach in Scotland)
(United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy)
(Strathclyde University, Centre for Lifelong Learning)

National Clinical Guidelines (National Institute for health and Clinical Excellence)
(Scottish Inter-Collegiate Guidelines Network)

Some Resources (support for those affected by alcoholism)
(help for individuals in Scotland to deal with alcohol & drug addiction in their homes)
(directory for autism related services)
(support for those experiencing eating problems)
(confidential support to those feeling down or stressed)
(information, support & resources on cancer)
(information for those with disability, their carers & family)
(help & advice for any issue for children & young people)
(for those experiencing loss & grief)
(Depression Alliance)
(anxiety information and help)
(support for those who hear voices)
(CBT online programme for depression & anxiety)
(Mental Health Foundation)
(mental health information)
(support for those who are affected by infant miscarriage in Scotland)
(self-help guide for anger and assertion management)
(information and support for those affected by autism)
(anxiety information and support)
(support for those affected by OCD)
(information about palliative and cancer care in Scotland)
(parenting advice & guidance)
(support for those with marriage or relationship problems)
(provides information & support)
(recovery support for those experiencing sexual addiction)
(24-hour emotional support)
(mental health information)
(support and information for those affected by social anxiety)
(support for those with marriage or relationship problems)
(support & information for those experiencing sexual addiction & compulsivity)
(online support for addiction)
(support and information for those experiencing from social anxiety)
(advice and information on drugs)
(information & support for those affected by HIV/AIDS)
(site for those experiencing depression)

Theraps (ancient greek)

“the attendant, the one who listens, the one who cares for.”